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– covers free, full text, quality controlled scientific and scholarly journals.
There are now 4270 journals in the directory. Currently 1596 journals are searchable at article level. As of today 299140 articles are included in the DOAJ service.

Freepatentsonline – It provides free patent searching, free PDF downloading, allows annotating documents and sharing them, and free alerts for new documents.

Gateway for free e-journals
– Access 700 Free E-journals covering Subjects like Business & Managment, Chemistry, Earth Sciences, Engineering, Environmental Sciences, General Works, Health Sciences, Information Technology, Library Science,Life Sciences, Material Science, Mathematics, Media and Communication, Physics & Social Sciences.

Open Access Indian Journals
– A vast collection of intersisciplinary Indian journals and research publications.

Engineering & Science E-journals
– Free full-text access to electronic journals on the Internet.

Directory of Web-based scholarly journals
– This directory provides links to established Web-based scholarly journals that offer access to English language article files without requiring user registration or fees.

Browse India Open Access Repository

Open DOAR – Directory of Open Access Repositories
– authoritative directory of academic open access repositories.

J-stage Journals directory

Bentham Science Publishers free online samples

Bentham Science Publishers Open Access Plus

Indian Academy of Science Publications

Physnet Free Journals

Truman State University Free Databases for Magazine/Journal Articles, etc.

Free Management Library

New Jour


Open Access Webliography

OpenAccess Journals

Open Archives Initiative Information in Engineering, Computer Science, and Physics

arXiv: Open Access to digital content in Physics,Computer Science, Quantitative Biology & Statistics

Electronic Library of Mathematics

Cool Toad Open Access Resources

Highwire press directory of free journals


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